KMK event formats

K I Kongress

K I Kongress (convention)

Our service-oriented, cooperative team conceives, organises, and runs more than 140 conventions as our own and guest events every year. The convention location is strengthened by the unbelievable density of research and teaching establishments, which make Karlsruhe a dynamic centre of innovation...

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M I Messe

M I Messe (Trade Fair)

Whether a highly specialised trade fair or a happening for the whole region: we welcome you to Karlsruhe Trade Fair Center over forty times a year. Looking at the portfolio, you’d never believe that center was only opened in 2003...

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K I Kultur

K I Kultur (culture)

Comedy or classical music concert, dance show, reading, artistry, or literary circle – the sphere of “Culture” is heavily represented in Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH’s calendar of events, reflecting the wide range of interests of the people in the Karlsruhe area as well as the flexibility of the space offered by the KMK...

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